Professor Harry Prosen

In Memoriam: Dr. Harry Prosen (1930 – 2021)

The late Professor Harry Prosen was one of the world’s most eminent psychiatrists, having chaired two departments of Psychiatry and serving as President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association. He was appointed one of 500 Specially Selected Fellows of the American College of Psychiatrists, and a Distinguished Life Member of the American Psychiatric Association. He was also psychiatric consultant to the Bonobo Species Preservation Society.

Professor Prosen’s great interest and clinical work with patients focused on inter-generational issues in families, particularly empathy and empathic deficits. And it was the increasing deficiency of empathy in the human race as a whole — which is essentially the issue of the human condition — that became his great interest during the last 20 years of his life, becoming a noted advocate of Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith’s treatise on the human condition and patron of the World Transformation Movement that promotes it.

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